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1. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be publicly consumed or dispensed to the public at any time in the staging area or the Parade Route.


2. NOTHING MAY BE THROWN TO THE CROWD along the Parade. All giveaways MUST BE HANDED to the spectators. Anyone violating this rule will be ejected from the Parade and may be fined per Boardman Township.


3. Reviewing stand performances are limited to 1 minute.

(Please Observe this limit)


4. Parade Participants are NOT PERMITTED to fire off pyrotechnics or devises which leave confetti, streamers or foam along the Parade Route. Re-enactment groups which discharge black powder weapons do so at their own risk.


5. The Parade steps off at exactly 1:00 PM - Anyone not in their division at the time will be placed in the last division.


6. All Entries must be decorated with an Irish Theme.


7. Any non-registered entry will be placed in the last division. If a commercial entry, the $100 entrance fee will be due at that time. No payment, no entry.


Any participant may be ejected from the Parade

by the Boardman Police, Head Marshal Joe Illencik or

the Parade President Casey Malone

for disregarding any of the above rules.

Click HERE to Download the Parade Rules